Most of Sexual Health Innovations’ time is focused on creating original websites, apps, and software systems that will advance sexual health and wellbeing. We are selective about what initiatives we start, and typically dedicate two years to designing and developing any new project.

We prioritize initiatives that:

  • Solve a sexual health problem on a systems level, meaning that they don’t just make life easier for our end user- they impact several stakeholders or an entire community, and have the potential to be truly disruptive
  • Deepen our understanding of an understudied area of sexual health, affected population, or industry
  • Solve an important and large problem in a simple and elegant way
  • Are highly scalable
  • Do not exist right now- either there is nothing like it on the market or what we are creating is substantially different from existing options
  • Are either revenue-generating or inexpensive to maintain and scale
  • Are likely to attract start-up capital
  • Touch on multiple areas of sexual health or solve multiple problems within a given area simultaneously

Our research, design, and development process with any given initiative:

  • Ideate
  • Research, refine, and engage
  • Design and develop
  • Launch, iterate, and evaluate
  • Maintain, improve, and grow

What makes our approach unique:

  • A dedication to transparency – we open source our code and share our lessons learned
  • Our staff draw on personal experience with the issues we work to solve
  • Stakeholder engagement throughout project ideation, design, and development
  • We combine the best of technology, design thinking, and public health methodologies and apply this hybrid approach to sexual health problems
  • A focus on data, rigorous evaluation, and truly solving problems

Where this is all going
We are initially focusing our efforts on the needs of 18-22 year olds in the United States. Each initiative we create is targeted at solving a different unmet sexual health need of this population. Eventually, we want to ensure that there is a full online sexual health continuum of care for this population, whether through a single integrated platform that combines all our initiatives or several different initiatives that adolescents would access when they need each one. This sexual health continuum of care includes: comprehensive sex education, the ability to find the answers to sexual health and wellbeing question, the ability to locate sexual health resources and services, access to sexual health test results and linkage to treatment and STD partner notification, assistance in reporting sexual violence, and support for those who are facing sexual health and wellbeing challenges.