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There are a lot of problems out there. Below are a few of the ones that we think are important and achievable. Propose a solution that involves technology or a challenge of your own, and we’ll do our best to make the best ideas a reality.

Increase rates of STD partner notification, particularly for casual and past partners that aren't notified right now. Propose a solution
Increase rates of HPV vaccination among young women and men. Propose a solution
Reduce homophobia and bullying of LGBTQ youth in schools. Propose a solution
Make it easier and cheaper for clinics to deliver both positive and negative STD results and for you to get them. Propose a solution
Improve online sex education for all ages, sexes, racial/ethnic groups, and sexual orientation and gender identities. Propose a solution
Reduce the prevalence and increase the reporting of sexual abuse and assault, and improve counseling and support for those who’ve experienced it. Propose a solution
Improve prevention and treatment services for people living with HIV/AIDS. Propose a solution
Improve access to and knowledge of long-acting and dual use contraception. Propose a solution
Increase funding for sexual and reproductive health, and improve the way it's spent. Propose a solution
Increase rates of STD testing among adolescents, racial/ethnic minorities, and men who have sex with men. Propose a solution
Make it easier for doctors and patients to communicate productively about sex. Propose a solution
Propose a challenge