Private Results

Developed in collaboration with the Baltimore City Health Department, Private Results is an open-source phone-based STD test result delivery system. You can access the project on GitHub (it's still in development).

The Baltimore City Health Department runs two STD clinics in the city - Druid and Eastern. Currently, patients have to come back in-person for their results, and approximately 40% of patients do not receive their results because they don't come back in. For those patients that do come in, they have to take time off from their work day for a second week in a row, and the inconvenience of the experience may make them less likely to get tested in the future. Furthermore, highly-skilled health department workers called Disease Intervention Specialists have to spend their time delivering negative results rather than following up with people who are positive, linking them to care, and helping them to notify their partners.

Private Results delivers STD test results to patients via an automated toll-free number. Patients can call in 24/7 and receive a clear explanation of their STD test results and what to do next. Providers can log into the Private Results website to view which patients have and haven’t called in for their results. Private Results is being developed in partnership with the Baltimore City Health Department and with support from the Knight Foundation and the Warnock Foundation. Expected launch in early 2016.

See the project on GitHub

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Private Results